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12on12 is a music brand, living at the intersection of Music, Fashion, Art and Pop Culture, providing unique canvases for cultural icons to curate and design.




Music Curated by RUN DMC in Tribute to Jam Master Jay and the 35th Anniversary of “Raising Hell”


NO.03 ComplexCon

"Vinylwork featuring Art by Takashi Murakami"


Music on the Record Celebrates Iconic Moments at ComplexCon, including Kid Cudi, Skrillex, 21 Savage, N*E*R*D and more


NO.02 Travis Scott and Saint Laurent

"Cactus Jack x Saint Laurent"

Travis Scott and Saint Laurent

12on12 are making a limited number of units available to buy here for anyone who missed out.


NO. 01 Dita Von Teese

"Soundtrack for Seduction"

Dita Von Teese

Spend a night in with Dita Von Teese and embark on a sensual musical experience with Dita’s limited edition vinyl release of "Soundtrack For Seduction”.

travis scott and
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Curate and design limited edition vinyl

12on12 is a music brand, living at the intersection of Music, Fashion, Art and Pop Culture. Drawing on decades of experience in product ideation and creative execution, 12on12 is positioned to own an unequivocal place in the modern vinyl marketplace.

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Passion is what drives us

With global trends growing around nostalgia and legacy artists dominating consumption both within rising vinyl sales and across streaming platforms, 12on12 continue to prove themselves an exciting creative brand capturing an increasingly powerful part of the zeitgeist.”
– Purple Revolver

“I recently opened and spent some time with my incredible new vinyl album, you have done an incredible thing with this project. The choice of photos and the overall artwork, even the colors, everything is just so. freaking. cool. Bravo. The 1 of 500 thing is… it’s really special to me.”
– 12on12 RUN DMC Owner 

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